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Bosch Secure Truck Parking

EU Commission funds projects for the creation of truck parking spaces

Start now with Bosch as a partner

European flag flies in front of the EU Commission building in Brussels, Belgium

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EU Commission takes action for more secure truck parking areas

Every road user has witnessed overcrowded truck parking areas along motorways, where trucks are parked even on entry or exit ramps because regular truck parking spots are just not available anymore. As a direct action, the Commission has approved to fund new secure truck stops that will now be built across Europe at a total budget of more than 40 million Euros. The total investment amounts are over 110 million Euros.

Bosch supports on building up technologically advanced truck stops in Europe

Bosch provides comprehensive solutions for truck parking operators: starting from consulting and concept development up to the implementation of turn-key access control, video and on-site as well as online payment solutions. At the very core, the Bosch booking portal connects every means of physical infrastructure and connects it with the digital world.

The graphic shows the interaction of various components of a comprehensive solution for truck stops

You can find an interesting article on the subject in issue 10 of Esporg's Intransit magazine:"Bosch as an ideal partner for EU-funded truck parking projects."