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Bosch Secure Truck Parking

Bosch Secure Truck Parking is the European booking platform for secure truck parking

Dispatchers quickly and easily plan parking spaces to match the routes of their drivers via the web portal. In addition, drivers can easily and directly book free parking spaces themselves via the app. This flexibility is particularly advantageous when there is a risk of exceeding the driving time. In addition we support our partners in converting their areas into high-security parking spaces.

As easy as booking a hotel

1. Register free of charge

Registering your freight carrier company for this service is free of charge. You only pay when you reserve a parking space. You can also enable this service for your dispatchers and drivers.

2. Stress-free parking

Dispatchers and drivers can search for and reserve parking spaces online. You'll receive an e-mail containing all the details of your reservation.

3. Convenient payments

Freight carrier companies conveniently pay based on the monthly itemized collective invoice they receive, maintaining clear, full cost controlling for parking. You pay only the parking fee - without hidden costs.

Trustful cooperation with our partners

We are a member of the most important European truck parking associations. Together with our partners, we make a significant contribution to improving the safety and predictability of parking along the most important truck routes.

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