The sun shines down on a vacant company parking lot

Together we can combat the parking shortage -

for companies with free parking space

Profit from your vacant parking spaces

Truck parking lots are overcrowded and the cargo load theft statistics are steadily rising. At the same time, numerous company parking lots have parking spaces standing vacant, for example at logistics centers or factories. Such company parking areas can usually offer a high level of security.

Earn additional revenue

Utilize your vacant parking intelligently. Join the megatrend of the sharing economy, and earn extra profit from your vacant, unused parking spaces. The parking fees are billed to the users monthly by collective invoice.

Do something good

Do your part to alleviate the shortage of parking for truckers. By renting your available parking spaces, new parking capacity is created without sealing over more greenspace. The less traffic from truckers looking for parking, the lower the CO2 emissions, and the fewer illegally parked trucks. That helps protect the environment and prevent accidents, as well as cargo theft.

Just join in

It's easy to connect into our network, and there are no running costs or registration fees. In some cases, no extra hardware is needed. With our platform, only registered users have access to your parking facility, and you can view all reservations via our web portal. And Bosch takes care of billing the customers that use your parking.