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Bosch Secure Truck Parking

Refunding of parking fees with the De-minimis program

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The De-minimis program promotes secure parking for trucks

Germany's Federal Office for Goods Transport (Bundesamt für Güterverkehr, or BAD for short) has been subsidizing fee-based use of secure truck parking spaces since 2018. As a Bosch Secure Truck Parking user, you can submit our collective invoices to the BAG for refunding. Parking transactions that meet the BAG's requirements for secure parking are identified separately in the itemized collective invoice. The sum total of the itemized amounts must be EUR 125 (net) at minimum. Up to 80% of the parking fees for commercial vehicles weighing 7.5 tons or more are subsidized. Use our platform to search specifically for De-minimis parking lots.

Two steps for getting your parking fees refunded to you

All forms noted below can be found on the eService portal.

Step 1: Submit your subsidy request

(for subsidizing secure parking for heavy trucks demonstrated to be operated under your company's management)

At the eService portal submit the following request documents

  • Request form (Individual Companies or Companies of a Corporate Group)
  • Verifying evidence of road haulage or transport for company-internal purposes
  • Vehicle records (Part 1 of the German Vehicle Registration Certificate, or vehicle fleet list)
  • Control form bearing your signature

Approximately four weeks after submitting your request, you'll receive your subsidy assessment notification amounting to the "Number of verified vehicles" × EUR 2,000. (?)

Example calculation: You own four trucks, request 4 × EUR 2,000, and are thus subsidized to EUR 8,000.

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Step 2: Submit your usage record

  • Submit your records of the parking fees you have paid during the given subsidy the BAG.
  • Use the "Usage Record" (Verwendungsnachweis) form provided for this purpose on the eService-Portal.
  • Here, too, a (signed) control form must also be submitted with each usage record.
  • TIP: The eligible parking transactions are marked accordingly and totaled in the BSTP collective invoices.
  • Note: For Step 2, be sure to observe the deadline of five months subsequent to receipt of your subsidy assessment notification.
  • In certain cases the BAG may possibly request you to follow-up by submitting the invoice originals. In such cases, simply upload our collective invoices stored at the BAG eService portal under the item "Follow-up submissions" (Nachreichungen).

In addition, we recommend that you read the webpages of Germany's SVG for more in-depth information on the De-minimis program.

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