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Bosch Secure Truck Parking

Plan routes and rest times efficiently

How Bosch Secure Truck Parking supports dispatchers in their daily work.

The dispatcher looks at the camera, several screens can be seen in the background

Reserve truck parking spaces on your route

Bosch Secure Truck Parking supports your efforts to optimize parking for your fleet on the road. This enables you to plan routing and rest periods more efficiently and enhance your competitiveness.

At our portal, you can view all reservations and follow their status in real time. Our monthly collective invoicing provides a transparent overview of all parking transactions you've made.


Reliability of planning

It's easy to reserve parking spaces for your drivers before they reach the end of their permitted driving time. Reducing the time they spend looking for a parking space, leads to lowers diesel fuel consumption and prevents drivers from exceeding their permitted driving time.

Cargo security

Make use of secured parking lots to prevent cargo theft. Our platform offers extensive information on the security measures protecting these parking lots. You also benefit from access to private, secured parking areas not accessible to the general public.

Cost controlling

Our portal offers you an overview of all your parking transactions and costs. At the end of each month, you'll receive a transparent, collective invoice including value added tax (VAT). You only pay the parking fees – with no hidden costs.

Here's how it works

1. Register free of charge

Registering your freight carrier company for this service is free of charge. You only pay when you reserve a parking space. You can also enable this service for other dispatchers as well as your drivers.

2. Stress-free parking

Dispatchers and drivers can search for and reserve parking spaces online. You'll receive an e-mail containing all the details of your reservation.

3. Convenient payments

Freight carrier companies conveniently pay based on the monthly itemized collective invoice they receive, maintaining clear, full cost controlling for parking. You pay only the parking fee - without hidden costs.

You can earn some money with your vacant parking spaces!

Companies can rent out their vacant parking space via our booking portal and contribute to reducing truck parking shortage.