Driver in her truck

Hustle-free and secure breaks

for truck drivers

Park your truck with Secure Truck Parking

You've presumably experienced similar situations: Every evening, some 14,000 truck drivers in Germany are unable to find a parking space. Some truckers end up having to park in places where they pose a traffic hazard, or exit the main highway to find parking places in industrial zones. Such detours can pose security risks for both the truck driver and cargo.

With Bosch Secure Truck Parking, you can reserve your parking space in advance. Your freight carrier company receives a monthly collective invoice. Having to pay in cash and keep track of countless paper receipts become a thing of the past.

Stress-free parking

Save time and eliminate stress by letting us help you find vacant parking spaces nearby. You can reserve and access parking spaces when you need them, entering and exiting parking lots without tickets.

Relaxed night rest

While parking at a secure truck stop, you can make the most of your rest break, and resume your journey the next day fully refreshed.

"The boss is paying"

Forget having to stand in line at pay machines and keep track of countless paper receipts. Your company is billed for the parking fees by monthly invoice.

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